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Creativity and discipline. The fusion of these disparate qualities has helped Design Exchange garner well over 20 international design awards from Japan's G-Mark & Germany's iF, to the prestigious Red Dot Luminary Award.

Design Exchange - Award-winning Industrial & Product Design Agency



In an industry often overwhelmed by fluffs and fads, we always focus on adding tangible value to people and businesses - be it improving usability, user experience or operational margins.

Delivering design work with appealing and appropriate aesthetics is something we take much pride and effort in. However, that may not amount to much without ensuring good usability and viable implementation as well.


Good design need not cost more. In fact it usually cost less to implement a well-resolved design and improves the odds of success at the same time. We aim for a level of balance where no weak links exist to derail the success of our design.

Some of our award-winning product design projects are shown below.

Industrial Design Singapore
red dot award for industrla design

reddot award

best of the best

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