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Design Exchange has been solving design problems for global markets since 1994. We leverage on human centered research and design processes to create intuitive & viable products, digital interfaces & customer experiences.

Product & Industrial Design Singapore

Born 1994 in Singapore

We have a global mindset and regional familiarity

Founded in Singapore over two decades ago, the Design Exchange studio is led by Timothy Hoo and Song Kee Hong.
We grew from the demand created by multinationals designing for major global markets, integrating their process and delivery best-practices.

Right from the start, our focus has been framing and solving design problems from a human-centered perspective. This delivers a more comprehensive and effective outcome when combined with our multi-disciplinary capability.



Award-Winning Industrial Design Company

Defining user needs early helps us address critical issues over cosmetic fluffs 

Problems are often ill-defined in an increasingly complicated market



Real-world problems are often ambiguous & ill-defined. Our human-centred approach to design seeks to understand and address challenges from the perspectives of users and other stakeholders.

It's a myth that human-centred design hinders the natural flow of creativity. On the contrary, looking at the same problem afresh from different perspectives often unveils new opportunities to differentiate and enhance design outcomes.
This approach of listening to those outside our world helps drive innovation.

Product Development & Design Consultant In Singapore

Plans may be concrete but reality can be extremely fluid

Our rich experience in adapting to diverse parameters and contingencies helps to minimize surprises



Our fluid design processes are honed from years of working with notable global organisations. This allows us to adapt to a diverse range of design parameters and contingencies.

Multiple variables drive the success of a design program. Our two decades of experience enables us to better anticipate downstream requirements and potential issues early in the design process - mitigating risks and minimizing surprises.

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