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Our innovation & Design Thinking workshops help identify opportunities and co-create breakthrough solutions - using the same methodologies we use to drive our day-to-day operations. We teach what we do.

Design Thinking Workshop Singapore

Design Thinking can open up possibilities through multi-perspective approach to solving problems.

This often starts with decoding opinions between siloed departments, to distill towards a common objective.

Design Thinking Workshop for SME

Lotus Kitchen

Using Design Thinking workshop to explore viability of future business expansion through upscale and new product creation.


With an established vegan food business including their own restaurant, manufacturing production, F&B supply catering and retail, it led to Lotus Kitchen’s understanding on effective human and resource placement that generated a brand new food business targeted to the younger, non-traditional vegan consumers.

Creative Thinking Workshop

Ministry of Education

This series of Creative Thinking workshops was designed to expand methodologies & address common issues faced by Design & Technology teachers.


With over 200 teaching staffs from various national secondary schools including department heads, upper management and policy makers, the Design Thinking methodologies stimulated a mindset change and generated new approaches in learning & engagement at a user-centric level.

DesignSingapore Design Thinking workshop for schools


We were engaged by DesignSingapore Council to run a pilot Design Thinking program for Jurong Pioneer Junior College.


Students were tasked to create innovative solutions using recycled aircraft parts to participate in SUTD x SIA Upcycling Competition and using this as a platform to validate their ability to apply what they have learnt in our workshop.

Two out of four teams managed to reach the finals with one going on to win the 2nd prize using Design Thinking to design their product.

Applied Design Thinking & Brainstorming Workshop


In the midst of their rapid business expansion, Fagerdala's challenge was to improve communication & operational integration between diverse business units scattered across Singapore, Malaysia & China.


During the Design Thinking workshop, participants were guided to brainstorm, design & prototype new procedures to facilitate interoperability between business functions; allowing stakeholders to create a series of SOP for their regional management teams.

Design Thinking Workshop

Third Wave Power

Third Wave Power was a new entrant to the portable power solutions market saddled with urgency to identify market opportunities, segmentation & strategy for growth.


Our Design Thinking Workshop generated new insights for the start-up, leading to unexplored ideas which helped the company strengthen their business model - including a holistic approach to value chain creation, product innovation and cost management.

Applied Design Thinking workshops

NPE Print Communications

NPE is a well-established commercial provider of total print media services. New technology integration is both an on-going challenge and necessity for their operation.


This Design Thinking workshop engagement was developed to equip NPE’s management with Design Thinking methodologies to steer business competitiveness, with the additional aim to discover innovations viable for development as new product offerings.

Creative & Design Thinking training workshop

JCS Group

JCS started a business entity providing industrial cleaning machinery for the F&B industry to leverage off their expertise in in-house precision cleaning machine design.


This Design Thinking workshop was conducted to drive a top to bottom organization mindset change for production readiness towards this new venture, with the objective to compete and grow locally & regionally with less friction.

Design Thinking training for SME


Nextan is an established surveillance solutions provider creating custom proprietary solutions leveraging on best technologies and practices.


Our Design Thinking Workshop was engaged for management training & development to help align their objectives, reframe existing challenges, and unveil insights for their current business - to improve their manpower readiness for rapid expansion.

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