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Arrival & Departure Immigration Auto Gate

OBJECTIVE: Changi Airport T4 will be the first in Singapore to include both face recognition and boarding pass scanning for auto gate clearance to improve security. Passenger processing speed will be reduced with these additional steps.


Our objective is to create a new GUI (graphic user interface) design that is able to minimize processing time, to maintain the exceptional user experience that Changi Airport is globally renown for.  

OUTCOME: We started with a UX audit of a functional prototype with over 300 users across diverse demographics to identify potential bottlenecks and latent needs of different user profiles.

Design Exchange mapped the collected data for visualization to identify common behavior patterns and outliers. Critical issues were identified and design parameters were set after alignment with workflow plan and stakeholders.


A few early concepts were co-developed with stakeholders to address usability, official workflow requirements and visual consistency with branding and other collateral with both immigration authority and Changi Airport's management.


The final direction was implemented after successful UAT. With additional performance data after launch, the GUI was further tweaked to raise yield to beyond 97% of successful passenger clearance without intervention - both for inbound and outbound autogate.

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