Our Industrial design for Sennheiser's top-of-the-line wireless earphone system is targeted to alpha-male audiophiles on the move.Product Design Singapore, Industrial Design Sg, Industrial designer sg, UX

We designed Connected Health's app by rethinking and reconfiguraing their UX & UI design to improve navigation experience & enhance their brand value. UI Design Sg

The design for WiMe's product range for urban professional women started with research and workshops to define identity & needs. Industrial product design studio Singapore, Experience design sg

We created UX & UI design format for G2V's m-commerce service to enable their diverse customers to easily deploy & manage a native storefront. experience desisgn, ui ux design sg

We created a new retail concept for Nanyang Optical's by studying the youth market segment to differentiate from a saturated market of eye wear retailers.

industrial design sg, retail design sg

We studied staff workflow and visitors' needs to Design Nanyang Optical's HQ interior & Branding design to improve both efficiency & visitor experience. UI UX Design singapore, singapore ID

We reframed the USB docking system for B&O by completely redesigning the configuration for ease of use; yet maintaining the core USB specification. 

HCD, human centred design sg, GUI Design sg, GUI designers, GUI singapore


Our user research & product design enhanced both user experience & raise operational efficiency of SGHI's thermal imaging breast cancer scanner. medical product design sg, Industrial design 

To design a better emergency ambulance, we shadowed SCDF's crew during emergency operations to identify & address  issues that really matters. UX Design Sg

We revamped TTS Hospital's main pharmacy's layout by identifying painpoints & working with multiple stakeholders to improve UX & operational efficiency.

experience design studio sg

We sculpted the Industrial design for HP's mid-format printer to visually streamline its bulky form and simplify the user interface by reducing clutter. product design studio,

industrial design sg

We trained over 200 teachers and department heads from the Ministry Of Education on the effective use of Creative Thinking tool to solve design problems. Design Thinking workshop Singapore

We designed Alexis' retail space and Branding with research to gain insights & address critical issues to deliver great customer experience. product design sg, retail design sg, cross discipline designer

A concept to to keep food warm throughout the dining experience without the need for electrical power for LTG's exhibition. UX design sg. Product design studio sg, muman centred design sg, GUI Design sg, GUI designers, GUI singapore