Design Exchange is a human centered design agency with experience in diverse sectors

We simplify complexity through design

Human Centred Design simplifies complexity to enhance our UX & Product Design development

Simplifying complexity  streamlines user journey


Sound human-centered design and UX design principles differentiate our work across diverse sectors - from live science to lifestyle.

We've delivered hundreds of projects for diverse organizations from startups to multinationals 

The expanding role of Experience Design, Service Design, Retail Design & Design Research in shaping business landscape.

Our award winning UX/UI and Industrial Design differentiates from the competition and competes globally.

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reddot design award 2020

best of the best

Our product design and development process in hinged on sound human centered design and focus on manufacturability.

We translate ideas into commercially viable products with proven design principles and development processes

GoodHuman Centered Design streamlines interactions between people & business to improve user experience

We turn ordinary objects into consuming desire 

UX/UI Design is an intuitive bridge between technology and people; a platform of communication that makes or break engagement & usability

We transform functional prototypes into marketable product with intuitive usability 

Our multi-disciplinary design expertise allows use to deliver both Product Design and Digital Interface Design on the same project.

We streamline workflow and simplify user interface for mission-critical systems

We  integrate service design with experience design insights to streamlined user experience and open up opportunities.

We redefine and improve customer experience from retail to healthcare sectors

Our Industrial Design support integrates with your product development supply chain whether in Singapore or anywhere else.