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MX-W1 Wireless Audiophile Earphone System

OBJECTIVE: The MX-W1 is a wiress earphone system operating with uncompressed codec for audiophile quality straeming.


To develop a viable industrial design from a proof-of-concept prototype; targeted to the lifestyles of predominantly male audiophiles and enthusiasts.


The system consists of earphones and a docking storage with a built-in power bank to enable remote charging.

OUTCOME: We first worked with Sennheiser's audio engineers to establish basic ergonomic constraints and to explore multiple component configurations to generate general forms for evaluation.


After the layout has been frozen, Design Exchange explored multiple concept directions to define the product form factor with reference from a cross section of test users' anthropocentric data.


Directions were filtered with marketing team to define the form factor down to the details of how the product will be manufactured and used.


Mock-up variations were fabricated to test fitting on the ears of diverse users before freezing design parameters for the final design development towards engineering and manufacturing.

We followup with design exploration of other accessories such as carrying case to enhance the overall user experience.


The design received a Red Dot Award from Germany.

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