Transforma Robot Industrial Design from our Singapore studio


Pictobot Autonomous

Industrial Painting Robot

OBJECTIVE: Pictobot is an AI driven autonomous spray-painting robot designed for construction industry, where manpower shortage and cost management are critical. Starting from a proof-of-concept functional prototype, identify operational painpoints and resolve critical UX issues through Industrial Design to develop a market-ready product. UX & Industrial Design is to be developed in parallel with Transforma's engineering team.


OUTCOME: Our designers began the process by identify operational pain points to address critical UX issues downstream. Next, we explored different component configurations to optimise ergonomics and footprint before defining the form factor for refinement.

With major interaction touch points and product form factor established, we work on details to further improve alignment with operational and manufacturing requirements, leading to the to the final market-ready product.


To move forward into commercialisation, Design Exchange created a logotype to reinforce the product and brand identity.

It is currently undergoing usability trials within the construction industry.

Pictobot won the Red Dot Award 2020.