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Nanyang Optical

Archetype Eyewear Retail Shop 

OBJECTIVE:  Nanyang Optical provided a new branding and vision of eyewear retail, targeted to younger customers who are fashion conscious with the confidence to browse and try, with minimal assistance.


Our role is to translate their concept into a viable Service & Retail Design within the provided venue and time frame - using a human-centred design approach.

OUTCOME: To create a browsing-friendly customer experience, we explored alternative casual retail environments to differentiate from typical optical shops. Each frame on display sits atop their own storage boxes to enable ease of checking stocks and alternative colours within.

This concept also aim to create a staff-light Service Design model that encourages customers to browse and try the frames on themselves to provide an engaging customer experience.


However, we anticipated an increase risk of shop-lifting with a self-service model. We addressed this with multiple mirrors placed at varying angles as deterrence (difficult to notice who's watching).


Glass panels between back room and retail spaces are mirrors on customer side to ease discretely monitoring of shop floor activities for staffs.

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