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Res Dot Award Best of the Best winner for Industrial Design

reddot award

best of the best

Spectral G9000 Cancer Diagnostic System

OBJECTIVE: Spectral G9000 uses spectroscopy to provide real-time feedback on the level of cancer upon contact with organ tissues.


Our task is to design a market-ready product and GUI (graphic user interface) in parallel with Endofotonics' engineering team's product development program.


The design should integrate with current endoscopy procedures and clinical workflow with minimum disruption to clinical staffs' activities during operation.

OUTCOME: Design Exchange started the design process from functional prototype stage with research on user interactions. During the design process, designers addressed usability in terms of ergonomics, ease of operation and maintenance.

Component layout was optimized to ensure physical interface touchpoints are positioned for easy accessibility, and the device is able to fit within tight confines of typical surgery facilities in public hospitals.

An adaptive GUI Design was developed to work with multiple languages. A simple and intuitive UI/UX design was designed and tested to reduce training time and human error.

It is currently undergoing clinical trials at the national University Hospital and public hospitals in China.

Spectra G9000 won the Red Dot Award 2020 as well as the Best of Best Award for top entry in its category. 

Red Dot Design Award: SPECTRA Cancer Diagnostic System (


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