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Smart Control System For Offices & Hotels

OBJECTIVE: PanL's R&D team had created a proof-of-concept for both hardware and interface for their Smart Solution series of products and aims to take them to market.


Our objective is to work with them to create a product casing that's able to integrate with most commercial interiors and a GUI (Graphic User Interface) Design that is easy to understand and intuitive to use.

OUTCOME: For the product enclosure, we worked with their engineers to understand and suggest system scaling strategy and layout to minimize footprint before we explore and proposed alternative concepts.


On the digital interface, we started with an UX audit of the proposed workflow to identify potential bottlenecks and latent needs of different user profiles. The user journey flow chart was approved and frozen before we started proposing alternative UI layouts.


Early concepts were prototyped and co-developed with stakeholders to address usability and visual consistency before released for implementation.

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