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iF Design Award Winner for Industrial Design

Deskjet 9600 Inkjet Printer

OBJECTIVE: Starting from a proof-of-concept prototype with functional print engine, create an industrial design targeted to the SoHo (Small office, home office) users who require A3 size colour printing capability.


With the large internal components, it's critical to create a form factor which visually reduces bulk but looks robust and fast.

The form factor and colour scheme need to adhere to HP's corporate branding identity requirements.

OUTCOME: We first worked with HP's R&D engineers to establish optimal component layout for bulk reduction and establish technical parameters. From then on, the design process is hinged to technical constraints and ergonomics, as we explore a myriad of configurations which adheres to HP's corporate design language.


Multiple concept directions were developed to 3D animated renderings and then full scale block models.


The final iteration of shortlisted concepts were fabricated into realistic cosmetic model for consumer feedback for market testing in Germany, US and China.

This helped to tightened design iterations for final downstream implementation to engineering and manufacturing.


The design received a iF Design Award from Germany upon its succesful launch.

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