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Main Pharmacy Layout Design

OBJECTIVE:  The pharmacy grew over the years into Singapore’s largest and busiest. To cope with ever-growing needs, a robotic distribution system was commissioned.


Design Exchange was tasked to create an efficient layout to integrate the new robotic distribution system with the dispensary workflow. At the same time, we need to ensure that the overall dispensary and retail touch points cater Must accommodate the dynamics of human traffic to improve customer experience.

OUTCOME: We started with on-site research to identify existing pain points and understand different layers of user needs. We identified different user profiles, their inter-dependency and impact on the operational eco-system of the pharmacy. 


Data from operational tasks, user needs, traffic and workflow were mapped to establish design parameters.


Next, we worked with automation engineers and hospital staffs to anchor the  robotic automation system layout within the context of operational efficiency and technical requirements.


We created several alternative layouts which is able to increased capacity, and yet improved operation efficiency, customer navigation and UX for their increasing wheelchair-bound visitors. Together with stakeholders, we developed the final layout design for implementation.

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